Exceptionally Practical GuardsPro Client Web Portal

Give the clients an insight into site performance and productivity with secure access to reports, tracking history, schedules, post orders, and visitor manager data.

Deliver Comprehensive
Client Reports On The Go

Build stronger client relationships with improved client communication. Give them access to detailed incidents, site tours, custom reports, and more to keep them updated with on-site performance.


Streamline Communication With Clients


Provide A Secure And Unlimited Access

Build Lasting Client Relationships

Within minutes, allow your clients to easily and securely access sensitive data on the
Client Web Portal concerning all their post sites.


Post Orders

View the clear instructions passed on to the guards by managers concerning your post-sites.


Live Tracking

Track the on-site presence and movement of the security guards on the Client Web Portal in real-time.


Tracking History

Easily check the entire day’s on-field movement of your guards by viewing the tracking history.


Visitor Manager

Know who, last checked-in onto what post-site along with other details in the visitor list.


Visit Log

Visit log gives detailed information about the time of check-in and out of visitors on-site.



Gain the confidence you need by knowing the shifts required on your post sites are confirmed.


Request Shift

Don't just view schedules but also request shifts in advance using the scheduler feature.


Incident Reports

Get detailed insights into thefts, break-ins, threats at your site though incident reports.


D.A.R. Reports

No more paper reports. Receive daily activity reports right from the guards in real-time.


Hourly Reports

Easily view hourly reports sent from the site using a mobile app to cut down reporting time.


Site Tour Reports

With the site tour reports, always stay in the loop about everything going on on your site.


Multiple User Access

Allows you to give access to add multiple users to the Client Web Portal and manage them on your end.



Get live notifications when your guard's check-in or out, submit reports, complete site tours, and more.


Time Clock

Guard check-in or out of the site is made available on the Back-Office Dashboard for you to view.


Active Guards

Find out the exact number of guards active on your post-sites with other vital details.



Know all about the lastest dispatch call and its status live on the Back-Office Dashboard.


Give Clients Insight
Into Site Productivity

The GuardsPro Client Web Portal sets you free from the stress of individually communicating on-site activities to the clients. Let the clients view the on-site movement of the guards with a live tracker.

Always Keep Your
Clients In The Loop

Paper reports get lost and emailed details are not guaranteed to be read. With guard tour Client Web Portal, enjoy the flexibility of keeping your clients involved with a real-time communication tool.


Customized User Management

GuardsPro Client Web Portal gives you full control over what information your clients can access and clients the power to invite multiple users to the Client Web Portal and manage user access on their end.

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