GuardsPro Is A Feature Rich Platform

We are glad to say that GuardsPro is one of the most feature-rich security guard management platforms available in the world.


Live Tracker

Pinpoint the exact location of your security guard on the map. Find out where your security guard was on the post site during the specified time frame.


Time Clock

GuardsPro’s integrated security guard time clock eliminates the need for carrying multiple devices to the patrol site and helps get rid of errors in timesheets.


Guard Attendance

Get live multiple notifications right within the dashboard or inbox. Find out when your guards confirm shifts, clock in/out, pick up open shifts, and more.


Online Reporting

GuardsPro allows you to view multiple reports submitted by your guards from their post sites on the Back-Office Dashboard. Get instant automatic notifications.


Guided Site Tours

The site tour feature allows guards to conduct site tours using QR, NFC, and virtual tags, letting them scan each tag using their mobile, improving on-site performance.



Define the area within which the guard is allowed to move on the client sites with a live map on Google Maps, get notified on a violation on the dashboard.



Allow your staff to attend dispatch calls coming in from multiple sources and assign dispatch calls to guards for rapid incident response.


Idle Alerts

Find out which of the guards have been inactive during a certain time period. GuardsPro gives you the ability to address accountability among your guards.


Custom Reports

With customizable reports, create custom report templates to define reporting criteria for different clients to suit their reporting requirements.


Panic Button

Let security guards alert the admin in real-time about any emergency on the post site by pressing the panic button on the GuardsPro mobile app.


Shift Templates

Use security guard scheduling software to create shift templates and use them across multiple post sites when creating shifts to easily schedule your security guards.


Publish/Unpublish Shifts

Easily publish/unpublish shifts when scheduling your security guards on multiple post sites and easily share the right information about the shift changes instantly.


Open Shifts

Not sure which guard is available to add to a particular shift. Open shift feature allows you to let your guard choose which shifts he wants to work, giving him extra flexibility.


Shift Status

Shift status lets the guards verify each shift and provide live status giving you extra confidence and reassurance that your guards will be on duty.


Live Notifications

Get multiple live notifications right within the dashboard or inbox. Find out when your guards confirm shifts, clock in/out, pick up open shifts and more.


Time Off

View full/partial day, paid/unpaid leave requests made by the guards through the GuardsPro mobile app right on the dashboard.


Swap Shift

Allow guards to exchange their assigned shifts with other security guards. Admin can manually or automatically approve/reject requests.


Secure Database

With bank-grade encryption, all sensitive payroll data is stored and shared securely, safe from illegitimate use.


Visitor Manager

Register and share the particulars of visitors and vehicles at each post-site using the GuardsPro mobile app with time in and time out details.


Assign Tasks

Assign tasks to on-site guards with the security guard tour solution and let them access the tasks on their mobile devices using GuardsPro mobile app.


In-App Check-In/Out

No need to burden your dispatcher with check-in/out phone calls. GuardsPro allows your guards to easily check-in/out of post sites using the mobile app.


Easy Invoicing

GuardsPro invoicer simplifies invoicing for you. Create and email multi-currency invoices and record partial or full payments.


Payroll Integrations

Generate payroll reports and export to Quickbooks, Gusto, ADP Workforce, and Paychex now in minutes.


Map Integration

The map integration feature allows the guards to see the location of other security guards on the same post site on the GuardsPro mobile app.


Post Orders

Post orders are a critical component of every guard’s day-to-day activity. Always keep them updated by ensuring they receive live post orders on their mobile app.


Attendance Reconciliation

Eliminate the time consumed by admins to manually reconcile attendance of security guards clocking-in late or early with this GuardPro feature.


Skill Set

Keep your clients happy by utilizing your guard's skills and expertise to schedule them effectively and effortlessly on their post sites.



Effective communication is crucial on-site, which is why GuardsPro messenger allows the admins and guards to connect and collaborate with numerous chat options.


Overtime Multiplier

Generating precise payroll reports requires setting precise pay rate multipliers. Take advantage of GuardsPro to set custom pay rate multipliers for different guards.


Detailed System Log

Easy system tracking and stress-free work monitoring is the dream. Live it with the GuardsPro detailed system log feature at your fingertips.


Vacant Shift

Create a vacant shift on the early request of clients visible only to the admin until the security guards are assigned to it in the near future.


Hours By Report

Filter your results to easily view the total hours worked by guards and estimated wages based on clients, post site, skill-set, and department.


Support Ticket

Have a problem or a query that nothing on the website can help you resolve? The support ticket feature, built in-system, can be used to reach us for a quick solution.



It’s built to ensure that the managers can seamlessly create and share a list of things with guards on patrol that they need to accomplish on client sites without missing a thing.


Guard Availability

This feature enables the guards to define their availability for the week, which is then easily made available to the scheduler to view and the schedule guards accordingly.


Help Center

Need help with GuardsPro to streamline your security operations? GuardsPro help center provides access to vast support articles and walkthrough videos instantly.


Live Chat Support

Need help or want to get your doubts cleared or queries answered? Start a live chat, and one of our support team members will be there to help you immediately.


Client Web Portal

With the GuardsPro guard tour Client Web Portal at your disposal, your clients will have secure access to all the critical data on the go. Thus, ensuring transparency at all times.


Company Policies

GuardsPro allows sharing your company policies with security guards seamlessly so that they can access and acknowledge it on the GuardsPro mobile app in real-time.

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