GuardsPro Improves

Over 1500+ private patrol companies worldwide utilize GuardsPro to reduce their operational costs while improving security guard accountability and enhancing customer service.


Improve Performance

GuardsPro is built to improve the performance of your security guards. Communicate schedules, assign tasks, and collect reports in real-time.


Client Satisfaction

Simply allow clients to access crucial reports online and other data on the go with our guard monitoring system to experience elevated client satisfaction.


Streamlined Operations

GuardsPro takes the hassle out of security operations by improving the way data is channeled and flow of communication enhanced for optimized performance.


Address Accountability

Find out which guard is checked-in at which site, if he is performing the right tasks and conducting tours regularly, submitting reports on time, and much more.


Simple Implementation

Start using GuardsPro within minutes without any additional training costs. Guards can just download, install, and they are ready to start working with the app.


Simplify Reporting

GuardsPro allows the guards to submit multiple reports from their post sites using the mobile app while ensuring you are notified of it every time to do more.


Deliver Quality

Make effective decisions based on quality data to address accountability and notably improve the way your guards do their job to deliver quality services.


Ensured Compliance

Ensure compliance by sharing your company policies, post orders, tasks, notes with your guards so they have access to accurate data when they need it.


Stay Organized

GuardsPro helps you stay organized by systematizing all the important data on the cloud and making it available to your entire staff when needed.


Reduced Liability

Share the clearly defined post orders stating what guards need to do on-site. By relaying the right information so you can reduce the liability on your part.


Collaborate Easier

With GuardsPro's multiple user access, define roles for your staff to let them manage security operations and access information from multiple devices.


Increased Productivity

GuardsPro helps clearly define the tasks for your guards and provide the means required to report them, increasing their productivity on the client sites.


Customer Satisfaction

GuardsPro makes it easier for you to share the right piece of information with the clients, ensuring high-quality customer services are delivered every time.


Incident Management

Get full insights into the daily incidents on-site with daily incident reports and pre-analyzed charts to perceive the level of threat and to assess your security needs.


Guard Safety

Easily track guards on-site with the GuardsPro live tracker. In the case of disruptions, send external help to the exact location cutting down the need for assumptions.


Paperless Management

GuardsPro eliminates the need for paper timesheets and reports, so you can significantly reduce the use of paper and make your contribution to the environment.


Actionable Insights

Get actionable insights from the client sites with the reports submitted by the guards and make data-driven decisions to drive accountability and profitability.


Automate Tasks

Enjoy automated tasks and processes with shift-templates and the scheduling module. All features are built to help you optimize your private patrol operations.

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