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Over 1500+ security teams around the globe rely on GuardsPro to streamline their security operations.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“GuardsPro is a truly easy to use and cost effective security guard management solution.”

I have tried many other security patrol systems but it seemed like they were not designed keeping the layman in mind. GuardsPro is pretty easy to use, most of the things are self explanatory. The most important benefit we get is that we are able to move from paper based reporting to a web reporting system. Our guards and clients love it.

Sam M.

Security and Investigations

11-50 employees

“Best Security Patrol Software For Security Guard Companies.”

GuardsPro is one of the most important software we use as an organization. We use it on a daily basis to create dynamic customer profiles, create sites for customers and assign guards to individual sites. Basically, GuardsPro plays the main role in helping us get in touch with the guards on our customer's sites.

Our officers can submit DARs, incident reports, create passdown logs, conduct site tours, and much more. After using GuardsPro for many months, I have to say that so far, I have not found any major issue with the system.

Kamal K.

Security and Investigations,

11-50 employees

GuardsPro has made it convenient for us as well as the clients to get periodic reports in real-time.

GuardsPro promises to streamline your operations, and that is exactly what it does. I am using the app since August 2017 and I am totally satisfied. Hands down the best app. Ever since we have started using GuardsPro, we have nailed excellence in guard performance. It is build for both internal control and client use. Excellent product. Would recommend it to everyone.

Meghan L.

Security and Investigations,

51-200 employees

“It helps to control our entire operations and deployment for the physical security department.”

The design makes it easy to use and overall it is a very useful app with integrations such as scheduling, reports, geofence, in-app check-in/out etc. Notifications and alerts are also fantastic features.

GuardsPro is a cloud-based security guard management system that provides users with data and monitoring tools for field operations and back office tasks. I like all the features of this app. It has live tracking, geofence, and other features. Keep this app updated please.

We use it on a daily basis, we execute reports, log our activity on the hour, and many other things. One feature I really find useful is that I can go back and edit reports. I can also narrow my past reports history down to categories rather than having to search hours of backlogs. Very effective software when trying to report and log activities and reports.

Jason L.

Security Officer

Security and Investigations, 100-130 employees

“We improved our security guard services by using GuardsPro.”

My overall experience with GuardsPro is that it really helps me to provide better services to my clients which affects us in the long run in staying in business. I should have signed up with GuardsPro long before.

Garvin B.

Security and Investigations,

11-50 employees

A single platform for the security business needs; accounting, scheduling, tracking, reports, employee accountability etc. All the features are user friendly and make my life easier. I love that it's an all in one platform. GuardsPro has made excel scheduling obsolete. I absolutely love the online reporting feature and the fact that all employees can log in remotely.

George J.


Security and Investigations, 11-50 employees

“GuardsPro helps us manage our security guards effectively.”

This software allows us to manage our guards in professionally. Our guards can submit reports, create passdowns, view site orders, communicate with other guards on site. GuardsPro helps us manage our customer profiles and allows us to add notes. We really like their dispatch center features where we can log all the calls coming in from our client sites.

Gina W.

Security and Investigations

1-10 employees

“We have used plenty of security patrol apps in the past, but none has proved as useful as GuardsPro.”

The reporting system works smoothly, allowing you to check the performance and movement of the guard in real time. GuardsPro takes care of all stakeholders- the security manager, guards, and the clients. It is very easy to update and share reports with the parties. It is much more economical as compared to most of the other apps and has equally good features.

Williams S.

Used weekly for 1-2 years

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