Security Guard Management Software For Security Firms

GuardsPro is designed to empower small to medium sized security firms. It enables you to receive actionable insights and crucial post site data to help add value to your security guard services. You also gain operational consistency, which leads to improved client satisfaction due to maximized efficiency and enhanced overall productivity.

Showcase The Value You Can Demonstrate To Your Clients

Using GuardsPro, the robust security guard management platform makes your security guard operations more efficient and transparent. Using its valuable data, maximize efficiency and enhance overall productivity, and also demonstrate the ROI and value you can provide to your prospective clients. This will give you an edge over the other security firms and help you improve your security services by several folds.

Equip Your Guards With GuardsPro Mobile App For Better Performance

GuardsPro security guard management platform is not just a tool for enhancing back-office capabilities. It also helps to improve the performance of your security guards. GuardsPro Mobile App is packed with features that allow your guards to deliver quality service.

With GuardsPro, your guards can easily submit reports using the report template, which will provide you with the information that you want. You can also create mobile patrols, automated guard tours, and distribute shifts to enable your security guards to provide optimal security service.


Maximize Your Profitability By Automating Tedious Processes

GuardsPro’s back-office dashboard provides you with crucial data that allows mitigating incidents and delivering security services with excellence. It's also built to automate the time-consuming processes like scheduling, billing, and invoicing with accuracy and transparency. Thus, increasing operational efficiency and your ability to focus on delivering quality services.

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