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Answers to all your frequently asked questions.

Q: What is GuardsPro?

A: GuardsPro is an easy to use and cost-effective cloud based security guard management platform. It is designed to streamline security guard company operations and communication between the company, guards, and clients. GuardsPro allows security guard companies to eliminate the native paperwork process of gathering information.

Q: How much does GuardsPro cost?

A: We are proud to say that GuardsPro is the most cost-effective security guard management system available on the market. We only charge starting at $10 per guard and you can add as many guards as you like. We only charge based on per active security guards.

Q: Is there any Contract to be signed?

A: No, we do not believe in tying the customer with long term contracts and that is the reason we charge on a monthly basis which means you can cancel your service anytime you like.

Q: Can I add multiple clients?

A: Yes, with GuardsPro you can include as many clients and post sites as you like, there is no limit. We do not cap the number of clients or post sites.

Q: How does GuardsPro work?

A: GuardsPro is a security patrol solution that provides real-time data to manage your security patrol operations with a user-friendly interface. The app is designed to improve security guard’s performance and simplify communication flow in your organization. This mobile and web-based software connect guards on-site to the security managers and clients.

Q: What regions is GuardsPro available?

A: GuardsPro is available worldwide. It is a cloud-based software that can be used globally without any geographical restrictions.

Q: How long is the free trial?

A: You get GuardsPro’s 30 days free trial on signing up. You can buy the full subscription after experiencing the power of simplicity GuardsPro offers.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription anytime? Is there any contract?

A: We do not believe in tying the customer with long-term contracts and that is the reason we charge on a monthly basis which means if you don't like our system then you can cancel your service anytime.

Q: Is my data secure?

A: Your data is totally secure. GuardsPro uses cloud-based databases that are totally reliable. The data can only be accessed with trusted authentication. You can control the data accessible by the guards and clients to maintain confidentiality.

Q: Can the software be used on smart phones and laptops both?

A: The GuardsPro app used by the guards can be used on the smartphones they carry on the site while the dashboard used for admin purposes can be accessed both on a laptop and smartphone.

Q: Do I need a new device for using GuardsPro?

A: No, you can download and install GuardsPro on your present devices.

Q: What hardware is required to run the software?

A: To use GuardsPro all you need is a smartphone (Android or iOS) or a PC/laptop. It runs on all operating systems.

Q: What is a QR code?

A: A unique QR code is assigned to each guard which has to be scanned wherever he checks in or out on site. This cuts out the hassle of manually updating the task completion.

Q: Does GuardsPro have a time clock feature?

A: Yes, GuardsPro has the time clock feature. The time clock is a timekeeping system that provides an advanced alternative to manual attendance system and time-sheets.

Q: How many guards can I add?

A: You can add as many guards as you like, we charge you based on number of active guards at $10 per month for our standard plan.

Q: Do security guards need training to use the app?

A: No additional training is required. GuardsPro is designed to be convenient and simple. The security guards can learn to use the app within minutes.

Q: Can I schedule and reschedule the security patrols?

A: Yes, you can simply schedule or make changes in the present tours on the app. The guards will be informed in real-time so you don’t have to communicate the changes individually.

Q: Can I create a dispatcher?

A: Yes, GuardsPro allows your staff to easily attend dispatch calls coming in from multiple sources and take appropriate actions. You can follow up to check the status of each dispatch call.

Q: Can I track GPS location of my guards?

A: Yes, with the live tracker feature you can stay updated with the GPS location of your guards. Since the location is tracked using the smartphone carried, the guard can be tracked even when he is not in/near his vehicle.

Q: Do the guard devices need to be online while using the service?

A: For accurate results it is advisable that the guards should be online otherwise the results may be different from the actual ones.

Q: Can guards clock in/out when they are not on-site?

A: No, the guards can only clock in/out when they are on site. This makes sure that the patrol data is always accurate and no scheduled site is skipped.

Q: What is the maximum number of clients I can add?

A: In GuardsPro you can include as many clients and post sites as you like, there is no limit. At GuardsPro we do not charge you based on a number of clients, we charge you based on the number of guards.

Q: Do clients automatically get the reports?

No, only reports approved by the admin are sent to the client.

Q: Can I edit the reports before I send them to the client?

Yes, you can edit the reports before they are shared with the clients.

Q: How can I reach the support center?

In case of any query, you can reach out to our help center. You can live chat with our customer support or email us with your queries at

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