Be The Disruptor In Security Guard Industry With GES

GES, GuardsPro Enterprise Solution is a complete automated enterprise system for medium to large private patrol companies.


Expand Your Private Patrol Company's Vision

Get actionable insights into on-site security operations, access live activity feed, reports, GPS tracking, and more.

Market Your Brand

GES allows you to brand your company name on GES products so you can market your company brand to your clients and staff. We can customize the entire system to match your brand name, giving it an in-house look and feel. Give your client and staff a professional experience when working with your company.


Company Website Integration

GES integrates with your website to give your clients an option to request quote, or even place an order online. GES is truly designed to streamline your private patrol company operations and help it become modernized.

Custom Development Services

Need a custom feature developed with GES? Our team of professional can develop custom features within GES to meet your company needs. Whether your custom development requirement is simple or a complex one, our team can customize GES giving you the needed flexibility to run your security patrol company.


Add-on Modules And Integrations:

GES includes all GuardsPro add-on modules and integrations, making it a powerful enterprise solution for your private patrol company. With add-on modules like invoicer, visitor manager, and payroll integrations you can easily expand GES capabilities. GES allows you to manage your private patrol company effectively with cutting edge technology.

GES Private Cloud

GES account is hosted on a private cloud with a robust infrastructure. Unlike our standard plan which utilizes shared resources, GES is hosted on a separate private cloud with its own resources so your company data remains secure. GES makes it easy for you to scale your private cloud based on the needs of your company.


Live Phone Support

All GES accounts come with premium 24/7 live phone and chat support. Get in touch with us anytime an issue arises, our support team will make sure that you are up and running in minutes.

Actively Optimizing Security
Guard Operations World Wide

GES Globe is a comprehensive solution designed to run enterprise-scale companies. It seamlessly brings all data together to help manage multiple branches from a single dashboard effortlessly.


Take Your Private Patrol Company To The Next Level With GES Globe

GES Globe, a comprehensive solution built to run an enterprise-scale private patrol company & to help it grow like the ever-expanding security guard industry.

Smoothly Launch Multiple
Branches Worldwide

Invented to ease the process of launching multiple branches, GES Globe comes armed with powerful features to centralize security workforce & management activities effectively & efficiently.


Manage Your Operations From A Single Dashboard

GES Globe helps expand your operations by giving you access to cutting-edge technology that effortlessly conducts guard tour patrols, tracking, reporting, scheduling, payroll, and more in real-time.

Expand Your Private Patrol Company's Foresight

Trusted by top security firms worldwide, GuardsPro Enterprise Solution is the ultimate guard enterprise system to boost professionalism & reliability through transparency & accountability.


Improving Critical Compliance And Security Operations Swiftly

Get actionable insights into on-site private patrol operations on a centralized platform to stay updated on the exact location of guards on post sites to reports submitted and so much more.


Swiftly Manage Branch-Level Operations With GES Branch Manager

Built as an exceptionally practical guard tour system, GES Branch Manager allows taking all your branch-level security operations effortlessly on the cloud.

Improve Critical Compliance & Operational Processes

GES Branch Manager offers secure & controlled user access to centralized GES, so you can schedule all security operations & receive live confirmation notifications to streamline the security guard scheduling process.


Centralized Dashboard For Real-Time Information

Equipped with a guard monitoring system and time attendance system, GES Branch Manager enables the private patrol companies to receive live on-site metrics to improve efficiency, accountability, & profitability.

Actionable Guard Tour Patrol Insights On The Go

To proactively monitor & resolve issues, stay informed of all the on-site activities on a single dynamic dashboard in real-time with insightful data shared by guards through guard tour reports.


Refining Client Experience
Through Targeted Insights

Client communication is vital if you want to improve customer retention. Keep them informed with the GuardsPro's Client Reporting Portal, streamlining report sharing process and more.


GES Client Reporting Portal Makes It Easier To Share Critical Data

Increase client engagement & critical guard tour report sharing effectiveness by providing clients access to live GES Client Reporting Portal.

Devised To Streamline Live Guard Tour Report Sharing

GES client reporting portal with customizable user management ability for clients efficiently streamlines the way data is shared and accessed by them from anywhere around the world.


Provide Insights Throughout The Client’s Journey

Throughout the client’s journey, support their desire for transparency by providing them insight into site performance & productivity with secure access to GES Client Reporting Portal pro-actively.

Drive Client Retention With GES Client Reporting Portal

GuardsPro Enterprise Solution facilitated with GES Client Reporting Portal, an easy-to-use web portal is the ultimate self-help tool to retain clients by saving their time spent on requesting data on site-tours.


Reinventing Guard Efficiency
And Productivity Cost-Effectively

Equipped with the powerful GES Guard App, your guards do not need to carry multiple devices just to check-in/out of the client site. GES Guard App is designed to do more than that.


GES Guard App: Formulated To Boost Guard's Productivity

Designed to enhance the performance of your security guards on-site, GES Guard App also eliminates the need to carry multiple devices to perform their tasks.

Ditch Papaerwork & Send Site Tour Reports On-The-Go

Improve your guard tour real-time reporting by eliminating paperwork and automating the process with quickly customizable report formats for guards to fill in, attach media files, & share them live.


Empower Your Guards To Execute Schedules Perfectly

Equip your security guards with GES mobile app to access in-app notifications, changes in schedules, tasks assigned, check-in/out of post-sites, acknowledge post orders, and more, all in real-time.

Deploy GES Guard App To
Boost Operational Efficiency

GuardsPro Enterprise Solution mobile patrol app is meant to enhance the way guards work by improving their operational performance & maximizing efficiency so you can manage client expectations efficiently.


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