Manage Private Patrol Operations On The Cloud

Gain an insightful overview of all the on-site activities

Stay updated with the exact on-site location of the guards

View Useful Data Regarding Your Security Operations

Dynamic Guard Tour System

Get actionable insights into on-site security operations, access
live activity feed, reports, GPS tracking, and more.

Streamlining Real-Time Data Across Multiple Channels

Align on-site performance with security plans to optimize guard efficiency using live updates from client sites, and prevent missed patrols with live tracking and check-in/out alerts. With GuardsPro, you’re in complete control.


Maximize Productivity And Operating Performance


Coordinate Efficiently To Deliver Better Services


Proactively Monitor
And Resolve Issues

Stay on top of your private patrol operations with actionable insights into the on-field operations on a centralized platform- view check-in/outs, incidents, site tours, dispatch calls, and reports overview.

Grow Your Business
As A Team!

With secure and controlled user access, invite your staff to the GuardsPro dashboard and delegate them to different roles. Divide out responsibilities making it easier to manage your private patrol company as it grows.


Harness The Power Of
Real-Time Notifications

Get notified about critical changes in the system and on-site patrolling activities as they happen. Always stay updated with immediate input from the field to ensure timely corrective action is taken.

Provide Business Intelligence
To Your Team And Clients

Standardize Your Reporting Process To Simplify Benchmarking

Generate, Access, And Share Reports In Real-time

Gain Insight Into Site Performance And Productivity

Effective Guard Tour Reporting Software

Simplify the reporting process - generate and share detailed reports faster and
identify inefficiencies with comprehensive reports.

Drive Efficiency With
Real-Time Statistics

With effectual reports that are concise, come in timely, are supported by logical data relevant for evaluating the performance of guards, drive productivity and profitability by delivering matchless services.


Simplify Online Report Writing And Sharing Live


Create Unlimited Custom Reports When Needed


Make Smart Decisions
Based On Live Data

Never lose visibility of what is happening on the client site with GuardsPro reports- site tour, incident, hourly, daily, vehicle patrol, watch mode, and multiple other reports coming in real-time ensure client’s expectations meet services delivered.

Build Custom Reports To Access Right Type Of Data

With GuardsPro custom reports the admin defines criteria for the reports with only the mandatory information fields, making sure that the guards submit only necessary and relevant data from the post site tailored to clients’ needs.


#1 Time Clock App For Guards

Cut Down On Team Management Time

Keep Track Of Time, Attendance, Time Off Requests, Billable Hours

Automatically Generate Detailed Timesheets Accurately In Real-time


Easily Track Guard Work Hours

Make it simple for your guards to clock in/out and for your managers to keep track of their work hours, improve payroll accuracy, and streamline workforce efficiency.

Say Goodbye To
Manual Time Sheets

Without any glitch, know when your guards were on duty and for how long. Absenteeism is automatically registered. You need not run after your guards to collect timesheets and then manually do all the calculations.


Allow Guards To Clock In/Out Using Mobile App


Live Updates With Push, Email, And SMS Notifications


Streamline Billing
And Payroll Process

With GuardsPro’s online time clock system, cut back significantly on the amount of time spent on payroll processing. Further, reduce the chances of errors occurring to make your payroll and record-keeping as efficient as possible.

Geofence-Based Clock In/Out

Time tracking with geofencing helps prevent buddy punching and guessing at work hours. Using GuardsPro, you can force your guards to clock only inside the geofence and get detailed, location-based records of work hours.


Easily Setup Custom Breaks

Setup custom breaks for specific guards based on the number of times a break can be taken. You can define breaks based on the days when the break starts and if the guard can end the break before the break end time.

Powerful Yet Flexible Security Guard Scheduling Module

Speed Up Your Scheduling Process

Publish Shifts Based On Skill Set, Work Hours, And Pay Rate

Create Open Shifts, Enable Shift Swap, And Do So Much More

Schedule Security Guards Like A Pro

Do more than timesheets. Schedule for weeks in advance, generate
attendance reports, create open shifts, and view shift status.

Bringing Automation In
Critical Guard Scheduling

Create effective patrolling schedules using GuardsPro’s end-to-end scheduling module, reduce unnecessary overtime, and manage preferences like cost optimization or equal staff hours to match your scheduling priorities.


Strategically Optimize Guard Schedules


Make Scheduling Changes Instantaneous


Actively Take Charge Of Guard Time & Attendance

Simply create and assign schedules based on regular guard hours and overtime, manage shift swaps and time-off requests. Stay updated on the on-site attendance with shift status and real-time notifications.

Empower Your Guards To Do
More Without Losing Control

Give your guards the flexibility to choose and confirm open shifts ensuring that the confirmed shifts are always covered. With GuardsPro, monitor guard hours with regular reports and notifications.


Improve Workforce
Capacity Utilization

Make the most of your guard workforce with intelligent guard scheduling. Take control of your wage liabilities with the ability to schedule guards based on pay rate, skill sets, regular and overtime hours.

Respond To Emergency Calls
In Time With The Dispatcher

Manage Dispatch Calls Coming In From The Client Sites

Record, Update And Access All The Information On A Single Window

Quickly Create And Assign Dispatch Calls To Multiple Guards

Integrated Security Guard Dispatcher

Register and update the dispatch calls coming in from multiple sources
on one platform and assign guards quickly.

Respond To Emergencies
More Efficiently & Effectively

Get the live status of the guards on-site to know if guards have copied the dispatch call, are on the way or have arrived on the site with the security guard dispatch software.


Respond Faster To Incidents On-Site


Live Track Your Dispatch Operations


Respond In Real-Time With
Streamlined Notifications

Manage dispatch calls coming in from multiple sources with real-time status updates. Any delays are notified so that priority calls are never missed and urgent situations are addressed efficiently.

Register And Access Dispatch Data Faster

With GuardsPro, the dispatcher creates and assigns dispatch calls to multiple guards quicker. The status of each call is updated making sure the important information is readily accessible anytime in the future.


Never Lose Site Visibility With
The GuardsPro Live Tracker

Establish Accountability And Reinforce Schedule Compliance

Surveil On-site Presence And Movement Of Your Security Guards

Create Virtual Perimeter On The Post Site With Geofence

Real-Time Security Guard GPS Tracking

Track your security guard force on the live map with the ability to view
GPS history and geofence authorized areas on post sites.

Always Know Where
Your Security Guards Are

GPS enabled GuardsPro mobile app makes sure you are always updated about the location and movement of the guards on the post site. Easily track guards on the map and know exactly where the guards are on-site and for how long.


Streamline Your Guard Tour Tracking


Make Data-Driven Decisions Instantly


Keep Your Security
Teams Engaged On-Site

Do away with assuming what is happening on site. With inactive flags and check-in/out notifications enhance field visibility that reinforces accountability and discourages guards from skipping patrol sites.

Create GeoFence To
Monitor Post Sites Activities

Build virtual perimeters to mark the authorized and restricted areas on the post site and be informed of violations keeping the guards safe and compliant with the area accessibility as defined by the client.


Keep The Security Team Informed And Updated

Allow Guards And Admins To Connect And Collaborate

Add Multimedia To Chats For Better Clarity

Keep The Security Team Informed And Updated

Secure Messenger For Security Teams

A simple, seamless, and secure messenger that allows guards and
admins to connect and collaborate.

Take Chats To A New Level
With Multimedia Interactions

When the text does not cut it, add clarity to chats by adding multimedia. Add images captured on the site, audio messages, and video files and share them with guards and admin instantly.


Communicate With The Team In Real-Time


Encourage Teamwork To Boost Productivity


Seamless Across Multiple
Devices & Platforms

Whether on the Back-Office Dashboard or the GuardsPro mobile app, the messenger works seamlessly across platforms to ensure the communication never stops and you stay updated on the information shared by the guards, admins or super admins.

Focussed And
Professional Chats

Confidentiality of the data shared is important. That is why GuardsPro gives admin the power to manage user access, allowing only the guards who have checked in on the post site to chat so that the chats remain focused and professional.


Simplify Your Security
Guard Company’s Payroll

Automate Your Payroll Process

Generate And Export Guard Payroll Reports

Payroll Compatible Formats With GuardsPro Payroll Integrations

GuardsPro Payroll Integrations

Integrate GuardsPro with your payroll software to streamline the payroll process.

Integrate With Your
Preferred Payroll Software

Automate your payroll processing. GuardsPro integrates with Quickbooks, Gusto, ADP Workforce, and Paychex. Now, enjoy the convenience of generating and exporting payroll reports in a single click.


Minimize The Risk Of Human Error


Be Better Equipped To Meet Deadlines


Make Payroll Processing Simpler & Faster

Minimize the need for multiple reconciliation steps, once the guard timesheets are updated a click is all it takes to generate and export payroll reports to your preferred payroll software.

Track Work Hours & Sync
Timesheets With Payroll

Timesheets are automatically updated based on scheduled shifts, confirmation, no-shows, and check-in/outs so that you never have to adjust guard time cards manually again.


Smart GuardsPro Security
Vehicle Patrol Solution

Have Full Control Over Your Vehicle Patrol Security Operations

Stay Connected To The Field And Boost Productivity

Manage The Field, Post Site Hit Frequency, And More

GuardsPro Vehicle Patrol Security Solution

Optimize your security vehicle patrol and gain unparalleled insight into fleet operations.

Ensure That Vehicle Patrols
Are Hitting All Post Sites

If you are looking to increase efficiencies and cut costs of your security vehicle patrol operations, GuardsPro allows pre-defining the number of hits per day that are made easily accessible on the guard’s security patrol app.


Ensure Vehicle Patrol Security Guard Accountability


Keep Tabs On Your Guards With GPS Tracker


Automate Vehicle Patrol
Tasks & Boost Productivity

Minimize the margin for errors and save time by automating your tasks using the GuardsPro guard tour system. By adding custom reset time for the number of hits to be conducted, ensure guards never miss patrols again.

Flexibly Convey
Actionable Insights

Don’t just effectively monitor and track your entire fleet for improved response, but also synchronize the number of hits with guards on the same site and communicate flexibly using the messenger application.


Professional Visitor
Management Software

Monitor Multiple Locations From One Centralized Dashboard

Detailed Logs And Profiles Of Visitors And Vehicles

Facilitate Rapid Visitor Evacuation In Emergencies

Extraordinary Visitor Management Software

Manage your check-in/out processes with the GuardsPro Visitor Manager and
improve safety, security, and compliance for visitors on-site.

Organized Visitor Profiles

Enhance the security of your client’s facility with visitors and vehicle movement recorded chronologically in profiles and logs, making it easier to track who visits the post site and when. Share the data with clients right from the dashboard.


Visitor Check-In Made Super-Fast


Suitable For Post Sites Of All Sizes


Mobile App Entry

The GuardsPro mobile app is the most effective way to register visitor movement on site. Quickly enter all details and upload them to a secure database making it easier to expedite visitors in and out of client property.

Secure And Private Database

GuardsPro lets you register and store all information in a secure cloud database right from the GuardsPro mobile app, that can’t be duplicated, or compromised by unauthorized personnel making sure information stays confidential.


Best Invoicing Software For Private Patrol Companies

Create Estimates And Invoices From A Single Platform

Streamline The Bid Estimation Process For Accuracy

Eliminate The Pricing Errors

An Essential And Effective GuardsPro Invoicer

An online billing software that makes invoicing process simpler and
professional for private patrol businesses.

Create And Send
Invoices In Minutes

GuardsPro calculates your invoice totals directly from the timesheets so you can create and send invoices faster for different services and in multiple currencies.


An Easy-To-Use Online Invoice Software


Create Powerful And Professional Invoices


Record Payment Effortlessly

Don't stress about tracking invoice payments anymore. GuardsPro lets you track payment status with the ability to record partial and full payments in cash or via credit/debit cards.

Speed Up Invoice
Delivery And Payments

Enjoy the convenience of e-mailing invoices and estimates with GuardsPro Invoicer, get instant delivery updates that ensure that you always get paid on time.


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