Improving The Performance Of Security Guards With GuardsPro Mobile App

About Buford Security Agency

Buford Security Agency is a private security guard service provider that works with 160 property owners and 11,000 residents and visitors per day.

The Challenges

Before being introduced to GuardsPro, Buford Security Agency was using a different application that did not match the requirements needed for a security guard management software.

“The application we used previously was not seamless. We weren’t able to add pictures or videos if needed, and we could only use it on one site. We needed a complete mobile solution for our guards as well as managers,” explained Johnson L. the HR representative at Buford Security Agency.

“GuardsPro security app is really good. It is integrated with so many features which make tracking so easy. It's a five star application.”

Johnson L.

HR representative

How GuardsPro Helped

When Buford Security Agency first began using GuardsPro in 2015, only their security guards used it to track incidents. Security guards were tracking issues concerning property damage and reporting. Buford Security Agency soon realized that GuardsPro has much more to offer and expanded the solution to the managerial team. When everyone started using the same system, it significantly improved communication and collaboration amongst the various teams.

Along with the collaboration between management and security, Buford Security Agency was able to utilize GuardsPro during a civil case. Buford Security Agency needed to prove proper patrol and security procedures were met for a specific area. GuardsPro helped by allowing Buford Security Agency to generate log reports related to the complaint as well as geo-locations to demonstrate the location of their guards. Using reports and data, they were able to show audited and time-stamped tours. Buford Security Agency had the civil case thrown out.

The Results

Buford Security Agency was very happy with GuardsPro and its deployment. They are now using a system that includes their managers, guards, and clients. All personnel can stay informed and connected on one central platform.

Johnson said, “We are happy with GuardsPro because we can do what we need to do to improve our services. It is easy to use and highly configurable. It is also cost-effective, and we save a lot of time as we don’t have to use multiple systems for different departments,”

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