Use of Real-time Reporting and Monitoring to Elevate Your Security Operations

The Challenges of Conducting Security Operation

Prior to GuardsPro, Security Direct Protective Service was using a legacy guard tour system that wouldn’t allow them to monitor guard tours using GPS tracking, capture video or photos, access and send information to all stakeholders in real-time. Reports were sent out manually without automation.

They needed to improve organization, communication, and compliance. Security Direct Protective Service wanted to find a solution that would make it easy to monitor, track as well as access information quickly.

Security Direct Protective Service wasn’t just looking for a security system. They wanted a complete software solution that is easy to use with real-time monitoring capabilities. Security Direct Protective Service realized they required unique and customizable technology to improve the quality of service and communication.

“GuardsPro has helped us generate more trust and value with our clients. Once we introduced GuardsPro, we were able to completely depart from the legacy guard tour system that we were using.”

Mauricio A.

Technology Manager

Choosing GuardsPro as the Solution

GuardsPro and Security Direct Protective Service met at a security trade show and began working together to generate additional value for their services and for their customers. Mauricio A. the Technology Manager of Security Direct Protective Service advocated the implementation of GuardsPro’s platform for serving their clients better. GuardsPro’s Customer Team helped Security Direct Protective Service get started and was there to help every step of the way. “The GuardsPro Customer Team helped us by providing feedback and support and answering questions,” Stated Agelvis. GuardsPro’s mobile application enabled Security Direct Protective Service to monitor and automate guard tours, access information in real time, and view complete reports.

The Results

Security Direct Protective Service has been able to simplify daily guard tasks and improve incident activity response rate with GuardsPro’s easy-to-use security guard management platform. “GuardsPro has assisted us to generate more trust and value with our clients. Once we introduced GuardsPro, we were able to entirely leave behind the legacy guard tour system that we were using.” Said Hector G. the sales manager at Security Direct Protective Service. Recording incidents in real time, monitoring guard tours, and instant customized reporting using mobile technology increased the satisfaction of their customers. Security Direct Protective Service has also witnessed a decline in events such as thefts, assaults and vandalism since the introduction of the GuardsPro platform in January 2016.

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