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About Chula Vista Security Services

Chula Vista Security Services is a small private security firm based out of the hearty town of San Diego. The company prides itself on being one of the best providers of security guard services that side of the US. Bert Gines, the founder and head of the security guard company, remarks that Chula Vista has a reputation for being “professional and knowledgeable with years of experience in the security industry.” Chula Vista uses the GuardsPro online security guard management system to help it remain firm but fair in providing its services to clients.


Current Challenges
And Opportunities

With stiff competition prevalent in the security guard firms’ niche, it is sometimes hard for these companies to keep their rates affordable to clients while at the same time retain their quality of service. After all, the companies had to conduct manual patrols, guard properties against disturbance and provide rapid response actions during emergencies. Chula Vista sought a way to lower their rates, keep their services professional and utilize the experience of their security guards. GuardsPro provided them with a way to achieve all these goals.

Solutions Provided
By GuardsPro

The GuardsPro security guards management system helped Chula Vista to cut down on cost by switching from manual to mobile patrol systems. Additionally, the company’s professionalism improved as clients deemed it accountable when they could access the patrol reports. GuardsPro was also easy to use, therefore Chula Vista’s security team did not waste time training their guards extensively on how to use the app. In the end, GuardsPro saved the security guard company time and money.


End Results

Chula Vista was able to make their rates affordable by using GuardsPro. The low rates and the professionalism of the company allowed it to rise to be one of the best private security firms in San Diego.

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