Better Management of Security Guards by Leveraging Technology

Top Objectives

All Star Security USA is a provider of security services headquartered in San Francisco. All Star Security USA offers security solutions to commercial facilities and enterprises. The main objectives of All Star Security USA were to:

  1. Modernize their guard tour system
  2. Eliminate all paper reports
  3. Show real-time evidence of onsite incidents and completed tasks
  4. Meet client needs to better serve the business community

Making the Shift To GuardsPro

All Star Security USA first learned about GuardsPro at a conference a few years ago and decided to give it a try. Since then, All Star Security USA has been using the full suite of GuardsPro mobile and desktop apps.

“We love this app. It makes management of guards very simple and has a ton of features that makes security operations easy for both guards and managers.”

Joel M.

Operation Manager

The Key Benefits

The GuardsPro features that provide the most value to All Star Security USA are:

Guard Tours: An upgraded guard tour system allows supervisors better monitor security guards while GPS technologies help guards stay on task.

Real-time Reporting: Digital reports are stored on a secure server. This makes them easily accessible whenever required and also eliminates all paper reports. Activity and incident reports are completed with images as well as videos providing thorough information to clients.

Post Order Management: Always provide clear instructions which ensure that correct procedures are always followed.

Real-time Tracking: Managers locate and track guards to easily dispatch based on proximity as well as estimated drive times to incidents.

Equipping security guards with cutting-edge technology enables them to be more productive at their job. This ultimately helps to offer a better security service. GuardsPro’s web and mobile apps have contributed in helping All Star Security USA stay competitive, and it also gives All Star Security USA the edge when recruiting new employees.

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