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About KingsGuard Security Services

KingsGuard Security Inc., based in Ontario, Canada, emphasizes integrative security solutions that are customized to suit individual client needs in residential, commercial and industrial setups. It holds fast to high standards of operation in accordance with Ontario legislation and is committed to serving the best to the clients and the employees. KingsGuard provides trained security personnel briefed to meet specific customer requirements. The guards are equipped to ensure a secure environment on all client properties. GuardsPro complemented KingsGuard’s client-centered approach to providing quality security guard services with its security guard mobile app and security guard management system.


Current Challenges
And Opportunities

KingsGuard Security Inc. is recognized as the best security firm in Ontario because of its customer service. Their security guards show up on time for patrols and vigilantly monitor the safety of every property they protect. They are up-to-date in security guard training, alarm monitoring systems, and communication. However, one problem that the company encountered was how to present measurable outcomes to their clients as they guarantee on their site. Security guards could file reports, but reports can get lost. To improve their reliability and effectiveness, KingsGuard started using GuardsPro.

Solutions Provided
By GuardsPro

With GuardsPro, KingsGuard could define site tours for their clients. The clients could also access site tour reports from the security guard management system, making the firm transparent and accountable which enabled it to provide measurable outcomes for the clients. Even better, the system and its mobile app allowed security guards from KingsGuard to conduct mobile patrols, and during intervals, read more about security guard training. It enriched the guards' efficiency and quality of customer service.


End Results

Utilizing GuardsPro enabled KingsGuard to maintain its status as a high-quality security guard company while boosting its relationship with its clients. At present, the firm is responsible for protecting numerous properties in Ontario, Canada.

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