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GuardsPro helps security firms satisfy client needs and acquire new business with a customizable management portal.

Having been in business for over 30 years, Veroz has been working with some of the country's top companies. In their quest to deliver the best possible service to their clients, Veroz wanted to upgrade their guard tour system, have easier access to all reports, and eliminate all paper reporting.

Once Veroz had a general idea of their client's expectations from a security provider, they took it upon themselves to search for a security guard management solution. Veroz began to seek a solution with GPS, smarter guard tours, time-and-date-sensitive reporting, and activity reports. After considering alternatives, they found GuardsPro and its selection of security management services.

Turning to GuardsPro

What makes GuardsPro stand apart from its competitors is the flexibility and level of

“We like this app very much because it enables us to run our security operations very smoothly. It is also easy to get started with the app, and the advantages of using this app are just amazing.”

Amber C.

Regional Manager

customization of their platform in an extremely cost-effective manner. We are also impressed by the speed with which their support staff addresses any customer inquiries" Amber C., Regional Manager, Veroz.

Veroz today uses GuardsPro to provide better security service, and it is also a selling tool to attract new clients as it gives them an advantage over their competition.

After integrating GuardsPro, Veroz has improved the level of officer accountability, streamlined operations, and provided a significantly improved experience. The following features have proved to be most advantageous to Veroz.

Upgraded Tour Reports: GPS technology ensures guard accountability as well as helps them be more efficient. Operations and management also receive the required insights with Real-time monitoring.

Automated Incident Reporting: Completely customizable and automated activity and incident reports streamline communications between management, security guards, and clients and save valuable time. Multimedia can be included with report templates, and they can also be configured per site and per incident.

Access to Data History: Easy access to historical data whenever required as a secure cloud-based server holds all reports.

Preconfigured Templates: It becomes easy for security guards to fill out activity and incident reports with preconfigured templates, which gives them more time to focus on what is essential. The designated personnel receive all the reports directly.

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